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What You Need to Consider in Airport Transfers

Airport transfer is a pre-arranged transportation between an airport and a traveler’s final destination, usually business travelers. According to reports, it has been seen that Melbourne airport benefits via these services as there is a steady growth in job opportunities by 3.3% from 2007 through 2011 in the airport area where airport transfers are included. These transfers are usually prepaid through a booking service or a travel agent and sometimes are arranged for separate payment. These transfers are carried out by daily shuttle buses, taxis, hire cars or coaches between two points. This article points out what transfers from Cairns to Port Douglas entail.


Several companies offer services of transfers Cairns to port Douglas wide. Travel time between these two points takes approximately 70 to 120 minutes depending on the number of drop off points and number of passengers. Travel time directly from the airport to the port is approximately 60 minutes.


This service involves a lot of companies, thus safety is very crucial. Naturally, your driver will meet you at the baggage collection area with a sign that contains your name, and you will be able to depart to your destination once you have safely collected your luggage. Also this transport provides child car restrains, which ensure child safety.

Prior Booking

In airport transfers from Cairns to port Douglas, it’s very important for you to book ahead as the companies will only pick you up if you booked ahead. Make sure you take exactly what you booked for. In addition, the car you booked may give you problems with luggage storage. If you have a lot of luggage, you may need to be diligent and hire a people mover or something suitable to your needs.


Car hire is another form of transfers from Cairns to Port Douglas. On Cairns airport, there are many independent licensed operators which offer such facilities. In travel transfers, it’s sometimes cheaper to take out travel insurance, which is offered. This insurance not only covers your holiday but also your car hire instead of taking insurance of the hired car. There are different insurance deals offered. Learn more at Oasis Transport.


Prices differ with means of transport in transfers from cairns airport to port Douglas. For example, prices of shuttle bus, charter coach and taxis are definitely going to be less than hired cars or even a limousine which is definitely more expensive. In addition, prices may change with distance of travel depending also on your means of transport. For example, taxis tend to pay according to time taken on the road. With the different packages offered not forgetting that different companies also have different prices, one can see that these transfers offer flexible means of transport from which one can choose from.

Airport transfers can or may determine a lot about how the rest of your trip will go.  The best airport transfers from Cairns to port Douglas will ensure your enjoyment of stay and comfort. It’s imperative to check out the different options offered. Visit us at

Key Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Qualified Courier Service

Every type of business, whether big and small, requires a delivery service. You will need to deliver something at a given point, even if it’s just a document. There are indeed different options to consider when it comes to delivery. You can have one of your employees deliver the parcel, or send it overnight via the post office. Using a professional courier service such as Bonds Couriers is yet another method.

 The challenge is in choosing the best option. Most of us will run to the cheapest option – simply because it will save you some pennies. However, don’t forget that the cheapest is not always the best. Sometimes it means compromised quality. Working with a professional courier service might cost you a little bit more, but it is worth every penny.

Bonds Couriers

Indeed, there are many professional courier services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other parts of Australia. That is great news since you can easily locate a courier service near you. But don’t rejoice just yet. Not all courier services are professional or qualified as they profess. As demand for delivery for parcels and goods increases, there is an increasing number of quacks in the industry. Be wary of such. You need to do some due diligence before you sign contract with any courier service. You’ll be avoiding the stress of losing your valuable goods or having them spoilt during transit. There could be other serious repercussions of dealing with an unscrupulous courier.

So, why insist on having a qualified courier service such as Bonds Couriers? Take a look.

Need for top security and good management of your goods and parcels

Cases of stolen and lost goods are never ending among unqualified and incompetent couriers. And if your goods are not stolen or lost, they arrive to their destination damaged. A qualified courier service understands the necessity of having parcels well managed and secured during transit. They employ top security measures to protect goods and parcels.

Sophisticated technologies

Qualified couriers work with sophisticated technologies. Some of these technologies include online tracking systems which will enable you to follow your parcel at every single point during transit. In fact you’ll be able to know the time the parcel arrives at its destination. This is benefit is not given by quacks.

Interstate delivery

If you conduct business across Australia, you want a courier service that can sufficiently deliver goods in other states. A competent and reputable courier understands this too well, and will have the systems to deliver goods between states.


Expert couriers conduct business in the most professional manner possible. They have a proficient customer service and support system to handle all your concerns. In fact the system operates round the clock so you can have your issue sorted even in the middle of the night. Aside from that they allow you to do background checks so that you know the courier you are hiring.

These great benefits can only be provided by a qualified courier service. If you are a business in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, choose Bonds Couriers, a trusted and highly competent delivery partner.

Features of the best Sydney warehouses

Businesses are flourishing in 2016 compared with 2015 and the previous years due to modern and reliable storage methods. Due to availability of Sydney warehouses, manufacturers and businesses can store goods in favorable conditions, making the goods to last for long without getting spoilt.

In the early 2000’s, goods used to get spoilt, especially for those producing flowers and other short life goods due to lack of proper storage methods. Today warehouses are customized for certain goods to keep them properly and safely.

Some of the modern aspects installed in Sydney warehouses

There are wall refrigerators in the warehouses in Sydney where people can store goods in favorable and reliable conditions at all times. This means that goods can stay for as long as they have to as they await for the end consumer to buy them.

Sydney warehouses have internal temperature regulation system ensuring that external environmental temperature will not alter the goods inside them. It was a major concern before the invention of this system because goods like fruits used to ripen and decay while awaiting for market.

How the 3pl warehousing Sydney services can be economical

In any business, the inputs are much valued than the outputs. Therefore, a warehouse should be very cheap in all aspects. To avoid a lot of fuel consumption and long transportation, the warehouses must be located near the market places. Perfect roads that are tarmacked must also be available to ensure that moving of the goods is done quickly without much struggle as experienced in the case of warehouses that are located around muddy roads.

The safety of the warehouse must be exemplary to avoid goods from getting lost through theft or disasters. Electric fence walls with 24-hour guards ensure that only the authorized persons have access to the warehouse. There must be proper measures put in place like availability of fire extinguishers so that in the unlikely event that fire sets in, it will be stopped immediately.

Extra features of the warehouse

Best warehouses in Sydney have sufficient parking space for clients to ensure that they don’t incur parking charges when they bring goods to the warehouse. Proper management of the warehouse contributes a lot to the provision of quality service to the customers. Clearance of goods, obtaining the necessary legal documents for imports and exports, and ensuring that goods are given out to the correct person are a part of the warehouse management.

Space is the most important thing

To avoid renting numerous spaces and incurring a lot of charges, you need to ensure that you get a spacious warehouse that will cater to all your goods. Renting many spaces will cause more hassle as you try to clear goods from all warehouses, paying a lot of fees to get the services.

In most warehouses, there are sections for all kinds of goods to make you store all your types of goods under one roof. This will reduce your struggle of moving from one warehouse to another, trying to collect your goods and taking them to the market. For more details visit